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What is Horse + Hattock?


We exist to co-create and be of service to “la société sorcière” through education, materia magica, and specialized services.

Horse + Hattock aims to be a training ground to assist practitioners of the Arts of Magic with access to the best education, resources, and tools with which to shape our world and fight tyranny, oppression, and the poisoning of bio-regions everywhere. Witch, quite simply, is a job. We want to ensure everyone has access to the best job training and tools.

We are co-creating a community with values of ecological resilience, anti-capitalism, bioregional animism, interdependence, and co-reliance. We engage in mutual aid.

What sets us apart?

How are we different from myriad other spiritual and witchy classes and goods out there? We are rooted in and have deep understanding of traditional craft and lore, as passed from generation to generation.

Teachers at Horse + Hattock are witches with decades of experience, training, and initiation from the hands of traditional elders, and initiations into several witchcraft houses, They are active practitioners who have a covenstead and apprentices.

Additionally, they have skills in the crafts of storytelling, spellwork, herbalism, healing, soul retrieval, divination,and soul flight to pass on to the next generations of witchlings.

As We Grow

Currently, we have myriad services to offer (from soul retrieval to oracular work and divination), and will be  host weekend intensives to sharpen the Witches knife (and all her/his/their other tools). In addition to services and classes, we'll be offering select handcrafted tools and supplies made by us and select others very soon. These will be artisinal items that are unique and one-of-a-kind. Stay tuned for that!

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