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Dear Novice Witches

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Dear novice witches,

Just because something is uncomfortable doesn't mean it's necessarily bad. The realm of witchcraft is the world of the Other. Witchery is strange, awkward, and ugly. It is a poison weed growing in the cracks of civilization. It is in the rhythms and pulses of sex and desire. It is also a potent expression of the awful, binding weave of Fate, She who gives and takes without mercy. A witch's allegiance is one with the powers of moon and night, wild nature, and death. It is Dionysian and Chthonic. You will mostly feel uncomfortable.

But if you have courage, if you come with your whole heart as an offering, you get to witness the depth and breadth of Creation's wonder. If you chance madness and death, you will win the three drops from the Cauldron that brighten the brow. But you must unhinge from comfort. You must put in the grueling work. You have to get Weird. You must die before you die.

But first, so that you may ride with the crew upon the Night Wind and know the Song of Becoming, you gotta face the demons in your basement and see the form in the mirror for what it is. You have to surrender to the terror of the darkness, and therein find the balm of wisdom, the gift of love, and the sword of truth.

Otherwise your demons will eat you. The witch-gods are adversarial, fricative. God Herself will rend you from your bones and grind you to powder. After all, they aim to make of you a pearl.

Good luck,


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