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Weaver Find the Broken Threads

New Age bullshit like the Law of Attraction and the Abraham-Hicks teachings are feel-good gobbledegook and based on white supremacist thinking.

The teachings presuppose that people get involved in shitty events because they "energetically" asked for it, or that they can't get out of bad situations because they can't "match their energy vibrations" to something better. They ignore the very real presences of oppression and marginalization, and try to skew the fact that people are victimized every day. And that there is very little actually in our control. I’ve noticed how in recent years that it has bled over into the occult community where folks living in poverty or suffering from chronic illness are often judged poorly for their circumstances.

Quite simply, it’s victim blaming. And it advocates for abdicating our responsibility when our intentions and actions don't match. There are more righteous, thoughtful, non-white-supremacist-thinking teachings available.

Many of the initiatory Houses of traditional witchcraft teach that we are all caught up in a webwork of interconnectivity and interdependence called Fate. We have agency and so does everything else. We see the cosmos both locally and at its grandest scale as a great confluence of countless forces and beings that all give and take from one another, a great Wholeness of constant movement and transformation.

The idea that there is disembodied "energy" floating around in the atmosphere is likewise troubling. This is why many, if not most, traditional witches are animists, recognizing no “energy” apart from a body or vehicle of personhood. Witches know that "energy" is always embodied, even if the "body" doesn't look like what you are expecting. Witchcraft involves the engagement of "bodies" and the senses (sights, smells, sounds, touches, tastes) to raise sorcerous power, access alternate modes of consciousness/worlds, and extend in partnership with spirits an impression of some sort or cause an occurrence to happen or even glean some hidden knowledge from the movements of the cosmos. Our spells are, literally, spelled out in embodied form. We don't just imagine or think them, that would only transform our own minds. Visualization is only the touch of the doorknob into an actual experience or congress with the Other. Witchcraft is sensuous; it engages the senses. Ecstatic practice always engages the senses; it is embodied.

Likewise, "thinking" about good things happening to you won't make them occur, but actually engaging the spiritworld to help you by doing and speaking and manipulating, using extraordinary effort and action to transform your consciousness into such a state that you can engage with the non-human persons of the Other; this is what makes sorcery work. Nonetheless, the cosmos is, by observation, vast, dark, and largely unknown. It is a great dark forest of unseen and unknown beings and forces; and yes, even predators. We are not, as we think, the supreme evolution of consciousness nor the dominating force upon the food chain of being.

So I would reconsider the feel-good teachings of the Law of Attraction and reconsider our privileges and our power and the kyriarchal hegemony, and know that sometimes, we get preyed on, and prey on others, and forego our responsibility to those we are connected to.

We should be focused on how we can repair our connections when this happens, how to restore justice to our relationships. -We- are all -we- have.

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