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We offer divination by lots (Tarot, Oracle decks, Runes; and Bones) as well as through acting as oracles and speaking with various spirits directly. We do both live readings that you can book with us though your booking page, or we can do a reading on your situation and write a report that will be emailed to you.

Oracular Seership

Lily can enter a trance state, communicate with familiar spirits to get messages and advice on your behalf. Because of the preparation and time needed, this activity is best done when there are several people wanting this service, and can be seen one after another.

House Blessings/Exorcisms

Sometimes people and places become haunted with parasitic spirits and energy, and need to be cleansed and banished. Particularly potent spirits can hang on and need to be formally exorcised or “cast out,” and made unwelcome. Through spiritual contact Troll can accomplish this.

Laying on of Hands

Reiki is available from us, but Lily also has a form of energy healing (and extraction) that was given to her as a way to heal suffering. Troll offers energy-healing sessions through the grace of their chief Familiar Spirit, a kind of spiritual “honey” energy can be passed that aids in healing and rejuvination of the spirit. Need some extra (non-invasive) healing in your life?

Ritual/Magical Practice Consultant

Feeling like your practice is on a slag? Feeling uninspired or in need of magical direction?

If you need a spruce-me-up in your ritual and magical practice, this service is a compass that helps you point your way True North, the home of gods and spirits that resides deep in your own heart and inner landscape. Troll and their Familiar Spirit can help you with magical coaching, fine tuning your practice for better effect in your daily life, or a ritual for specific results.

Soul Retrieval

Often parts of the soul become fragmented and “lost” to us through the experiences of shame, trauma, and parasitic spirit encounters. This typically manifests in the self as habitual misperceptions about the world and our relationships, being trapped in unhelpful cycles of behavior, feeling “lost” or vitally drained, or feeling “haunted.” Through ecstatic trance techniques and fetch-flight, Troll can enter into the Otherworld to retreive lost soul fragments for clients.


Need a working done on your or a loved ones' behalf? Protection, attraction, stopping gossip, healing, making things in a sticky situation swing your way? We can do a variety of spells after an interview and clarification of intent.

Hexes and Hex-Breaking

Troll can lay hexes and baneful magic upon one’s enemies and petition the spirits of misfortune, rot, and death to plague those who are working against you. Likewise, Troll offers hex-breaking magic for clients who have been cursed by other magical practitioners or spirits. (This work requires an intake and spirit contract between practitioner and client.)


Lily is a clinical herbalist with decades of experience. She specializes in folks with chronic conditions establish a healthier way of life, but can help anyone with their issues. She also teaches herbalism and folkways.

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