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Song of Whirling Stars

Long, long ago Two Strangers came down into town

from the Outer Spaces of the Inner Underground.

They had dark burning hearts and disquiet eyes,

and from the sun they run to hidden heidegeyes.

One was a Prince with a jeweled copper crown,

which throughout the long ages turn'd green as Her Gown.

Fair, long of neck, and as pale as bright Sothis,

a warrior and sorcerer who ruled with his Kiss.

The other was Shadow, a Void chaotically whirling,

a star-speck'd silhouette of black ichor stirring!

The depths of hell opened like a door at its back

and its hunger was great and could never be slaked.

What they are up to, nobody may know

but they hatched their conspiracy eons ago.

Where they are going--to unfurl the Rose--

a perilous journey with treacherous foes!

To Open the Gates wrought of Pearl and Iron:

Paradise shall bloom through the Old Ones’ scion.

Transform the terroir in the shell of mankind,

through the glass mountain's keyhole leave disaster behind.

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