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On Fetch Mates

What some modern practitioners now call the Fetch Mate has always been a part of traditional witchcraft and spirit-led magic. The Familiar or Faery-spouse is an integral part of historical sorcerous ways.

This relationship demonstrates that nothing in the cosmos is accomplished alone, that we live in a relational and co-reliant world.

The Fetch Mate is our personal “divine twin,” containing powerful similarities and differences to our own numinous natures which stimulates our magic. This being may occupy a position within the White, Black, or Glas spirit-courts, or a combination thereof.

They are a spirit who has often been with us since the first lifetime in which we became a witch, our primary initiator. We are mutually devoted to one another’s mastery, in perfect love and perfect trust; in our journeys toward realizing our divine wholeness. Sometimes this spirit and the witch “trade places” through different lifetimes, one taking residence inside the Hedge and the other without. The two cannot safely live inside the Hedge at the same time without disastrously fateful happenings occurring.

In my witch lineage both Victor Anderson and Gabriel Carrillo acknowledged their Fetch Mates explicitly, sharing their Names with their descendants, though this exact term was not in use at the time.

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